Hello from Supertrends- the crowdsourced timeline of the future

Hello all! My name is Louise, a recent graduate from Durham University and I have joined a rapidly expanding start-up named Supertrends AG based in Zug, Switzerland. Supertrends is an open to all digital platform and global community that leverages collective intelligence to map a consensus timeline of future milestones in worldwide industries. Therefore, I am specifically interested in the development of AI and quantum computing, connecting with people from these fields and engaging in interesting conversations about the future:)


Hello Louise nice to hear about your digital platform supertrends really great name by the way.im @Bare.one,and I’m interested in getting involved I create digital cyber Art and experimental sound design.Im excited to be part of a honest real community that works together to help better our community and so forth.interested in collaboration in development of new Ai Art tools n services also interested in Ai and human integration in sound generation.