Hello from South America


Hi everyone, My name is Gabriela from Venezuela South America. Why Im here? I teach at the university and researching about Art and Technologies as AI and blockchain and Im really enthusiast about Singularity Project.


Hi Gabriela!

Welcome to the forum :smiley: That is really cool. Are you doing specific projects with your students?


Hello Ibby! Yes, I have a project that we call PIEL (skin) that we have been designed in order to be implemented with social sciences (art and education) and computer sciences students. It has been conceived to be implemented with children under hospitalization condition during they are treated at burned child unit from a hospital in my country. In case of these child, they must be hospitalized, in some cases, during long periods (maybe 4 /8 months). Because the treatment, they are limited in their physical movements and wasted a considerable time out of school. Also, due to their condition, they are not allowed to use some typical tools for creative activities with kids, such as liquids, paints, solvents and other materials that cannot be used in their condition. Therefore, the technological resource becomes the ideal way to transmit knowledge, generate a space for recreation and generate new skills. This activity could also facilitate the work of those therapists who must interact with children hospitalized in these conditions. The technological tool of artificial intelligence, (that means a virtual tutor/robot, a female tutor we used to call Caliope), must be able to interact with children (speak, ask, reply, teach, but also draw) and use the language of art, initiating them in different areas of this discipline. This tutor, should also profile the creative behavior from child in order to learn from them and enrich the interaction. The virtual tutor should not only be focused on teaching, but have the ability to make concrete examples of art in order to give examples of “how to do” an artwork, providing guidance is this regard. The project has also been conceptualized to incorporate virtual museum access to serve as a reference and source of learning for these purposes. At this moment, we have the whole concept and design, we had already, contacted the Burned Unit but there are, still, a lot of work to concrete and ejecute it. We are at the beginning level. thanks for asking!