Hello From China



My name is Zhang Xian Sheng, I work in the media industry in China, and I want to ask what the SingularityNET Chinese translation is, so we can cover this new platform and inform our audience across Asia.

Does anyone know what the SingularityNET team is using as their Chinese name? I am happy to be part of this new community and excited to see it grow!



Hi comrade, the Chinese name of SingularityNET I believe is called ‘奇点网络’. Anyway double check this with the team, they have a SingularityNET Chinese telegram group btw.


Welcome Zhang, nice that you want to spread awareness. 奇点网络’ should cover it like lightning said, however sites like:


are not affiliated with SingularityNet as far as I know. So I would definitely include the icon while spreading awareness because otherwise people could have trouble finding it due to the chinese name “奇点网络’” being associated with some other companies already.


We have decided to call it 奇点络 to have the most visible exposure on the internet, as 奇点网络 and 奇点网 are both already filled with heavy search results.

We believe that 奇点络 should be found easily, with as little confusion as possible.


Awesome! Glad to have you here. We are currently redesigning our web experience, and I’ve noted that a native Chinese translation would be a bit help to many in our community.