Hello all! Just joined the SingularityNet community

Hello all! Just joined the SingularityNet community.


Hello - are u a developer/implementer? I have a little project of a walking virtual robot, it would be cool if you had a look at it for me. :slight_smile:

But anyway, Id love to talk about things.

Hi @everymans_ai ,

Welcome to the community! It is great to have you here. Every member brings their own value to the project and so feel free to share any projects you want to discuss in a topic dedicated to it in #projects

Furthermore, I am sure you will find some use in starting conversations and joining others in their topics in categories like #blockchain and #applications and #agi

We also run an active telegram community and a full map to the community telegram groups can be found here SingularityNET Telegram Map - Group Links

Curious to see more from @everymans_ai :wink:

Welcome, visited the website. Quite a thing of beauty.