Go Vegan before the Singularity eats you


If we want the Singularity to not destroy us, we should set an example and start showing compassion to other animals to teach the ai that raping, torturing, abusing and killing animals because they are different is not allowed. If we want ai to think like us and adopt our principles we should step up and take action to say that it is not cool to kill animals, especially when there are plenty of alternatives that look and taste like meat that are made from plants.


Yep, let SNet use humans as source of energy instead, matrix style human batteries. No need to eat humans. :grin: Vegan Super-intelligence on a blockchain.


A lot of people won’t switch to being a vegan out of the goodness of their heart, you have to make it convenient to be vegan… just like Musk is working towards making people go clean with cars by making it more convenient and cheaper to have an electric car over an ICE one. So the only way you’re going to protect animals from farming on a mass scale is by doing something similar with food. Thankfully lab grown meat and other lab grown animal products (as well things like veggie/vegan meat) are making amazing progress and in a decade or two will likely be cheaper, healthier and taste the same as farm raised animal meat/products. So that’s how u’ll get there and that’s where I’d put most your energy into promoting.