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  • Situation: Hi I have been an investor in AGI starting just over two years ago. I am very excited in the AGI project and its future outcomes. I have never sold any AGI and I consider myself a long term investor despite being in a loss position of about 70% of my investment. I guess the situation is that usually businesses who issue into the markets build the business and share the benefits with shareholders. As the business grows so does the value of the business, the share price rises because the shareholders will be paid a dividend and the price of the business increases creating a higher price for the shares. I get you will be and are disappointed with the current price of AGI and that short term “jobbers” (speculators) are controlling the price. It may be that investors like me are losing patience in the business they supported when the AGI floated with such spectacular success. I do wonder if I will ever get my investment returned and hopefully make some profit as well. This also comes down to accountability of the business itself, making promises and not delivering to the people who own the business, that is, people like me who have invested in the business.
  • Proposed solution: I don’t have a solution, If you offer up a dividend the “jobbers” will buy n sell asap. So what does that leave you as a business, who wants to be successful and give value to its investors through price rises or dividends, do? Does it buy back the tokens and re-issue shares having listed on the NYSE? Does it hang in there and hope for a different outcome, (we all know the definition of insanity)
  • Expected result: What I want to know is, what is your strategy for the owners of the business to get value. That includes being accountable. I look forward to your comments about what you intend to do.

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Alex, I am a large shareholder too for years currently at a loss and I think its a shame, no one addressed your question. Where is the corporate accountability from Ben? Sure I get emails about the Hackerthon and Lapalooza convention. How is that strategy poised to earn revenue and growth for AGI? What is the projected ROI for AGI?

I think Ben owes us an explanation of where his vision of growth is for AGI and what is the 2020-2021 road map to get their? Very frustrating !