Excited for BETA!


July is right around the corner, only a few more weeks until we see what the team has been working on over the past year! After watching Ben Goertzel’s latest lecture, he confirmed that everything is coming together in the next 6 months for full release by the end of the year. This has reaffirmed that the team is on track to deliver everything promised in the white paper.

Will there be a push for a bigger marketing strategy? I’m not looking for any details, I’m just wondering what the marketing strategy will be going forward, as it has been quiet since the ico.


I’m excited for it too, want to see how it may perform with a whole bunch of nodes talking to each other will is slow with more users, etc… not sure how many there will even be to start with but as far as marketing it’s kinda up to the users and community from what I understand. The telegram community are building some commercials, etc… so those who really believe in the vision should get involved as much as possible. Otherwise it’s that same as it’s always been - centralized companies with a brand trying to market a product.So there’s layers to this project that make it revolutionary on few different levels.