Excited about this project!


Hello All,

I am very excited about this project. Ever since learning about IBM’s Watson, I have been so interested in the idea of AI. Upon hearing that IBM was offerring AI services to organizations starting in the low millions of US dollars annually, I remained excited, but knew the time when AI would really touch our lives was some time off. Now, I feel like that time seems much closer.

I am an auditor and accountant by trade, which is just one narrow area where I see AI revolutionizing the industry in the next few decades. I am eager to jump on the band wagon in that regard, but even more eager to see the advances that will be made in other areas through AI which will be able to improve our lives and the lives of future generations unfathomably.

I cannot wait until the ability to work with AI becomes more accessible to the general population without a highly specialized knowledge about AI and without extraordinary financial means. The second I heard about this project, I knew this was a sign we were on the right track.

I applaud those who have worked to develop this project and look forward to seeing where it goes. Here’s to the future!

Mark L


Hi Mark,

My main hope for AI is the potential for progress in the medical sciences.

My feeling is that medicine has been on the defensive mostly. We look to medical science when our body or brains go wrong… when we are in distress.

My view of the wide spread use of illegal drugs shows a need for better medicine.

My hope is that, through the help of AI, we will be more empowered to manage how we feel.


I hope that AI can cure spinal cord injury patients can stand up and walk again