Evan Freeman

Evan Freeman

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Instructor for the first College Blockchain Program in Canada. Long standing educator in the blockchain space having spent considerable time lobbying and educating governments and corporations on the benefits of blockchains and machine learning.

I dont approach blockchain as speculative money making tool, rather I attempt to find the networks and protocols that will allow for the evolution of civilization. SingularityNet to me is a game changer and perhaps our best hope for benevolent and beneficial AGI. In short I will only use my tokens as they were designed to be used, within the network itself.

Great question. Providing opportunity to the developers of the world is paramount. We should be looking to attract and be inclusive to all levels of developers. By promoting SingularityNet in educational institutions, non-profit training centers, and in online learning courses across both the developed world and developing world, we can seek to inspire those who are willing to dedicate their energy and time to building the future.

Structurally we should look to provide a stable and open experience for developers to help inspire them to reach their fulliest potential and provide them with the opportunities and incentives necessary for success.

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We need to get the word out as far and as wide as possible about what this project is about and what it means to create benevolent AGI. We want develops, aspiring developers, educators, technologists, futurists, political and economic actors to be informed and motivated to take part in this project, as ultimately it needs to be a meta scale approach from humanity to create positive benevolent artificial intelligence.

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I want to see SingularityNet being advanced and acknowledged in academia from both a Blockchain and AI discipline at all levels. We need to captivate a whole generation of developers, designers, builders and dreamers.

Education is my primary focus in regards to promoting SingularityNet.

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I think building out modular autonomous systems that can be affordable to operate would be very useful to small technology enterprise and educational institutions alike and thereby present more opportunity for utility particularly in emerging industries that require sophisticated systems.

Already I aggressively discuss and promote SingularityNet at my day job as a vice president of a NYC based investment fund. I also heavily discuss SingularityNet at the educational level at the college program I teach.

I have been following Ray Kurzweil and Ben Geortzel since around 2009 and have been following SingularityNet since it was first publicly discussed. I formed a private group of investors in Japan that participated in the ICO and still invest in SingularityNet. I am deeply interested in how AI can help in the evolution of human civilization.

I think we are definitely in the early stages of the Singularity. The information age hasn’t yet completely eclipsed the industrial age. It will, and when it does it will be a revolution unlike any other. That will ultimately signal to me the Singularity.

How can we assure it is a good one. We may be forced to consider exactly what we want our future to be. At this point humanity largely lacks vision. Fear and isolation is becoming the dominant traits geopolitically. That is not to say there aren’t bright spots in modern society. In fact there are many. We must look to these spots and work to make them the dominant visions going forward to build a great future.

I believe that we must not make AGI in a sterile DARPA laboratory or to be harnessed by the worlds most powerful corporations. Rather it needs to be raised as if our children. To be taught how we can work together and build amazing things.

Cooperation is ultimately what will allow for a positive Singularity.

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