Emotional Assistants


We are all on the cusp on having personal assistants in our homes. Whilst big tech takes our data SNET will allow us to keep our data hidden. This will then be safe enough to allow the data concious individuals to have constant data collecting AI assistance opening up the rest of the world.
The next step in the AI functionality of devices like alexa is constant video analysis of peoples homes but in most houses this would not be wanted. SNETs annon data and intelligence services will open up this to the world.
If an AI could monitor emotions of humans and learn how they respond to stimulas like music / jokes or intigrated into social medias to not allow certian content to be shown at that moment which would have a negative effect to a person, or learn and auto play music/ display images/ tell a joke improving their overall mood… all customised and set by the user of course. This assistant AI would be trained over time by the users and could also take updates from SNETs collective assistant software.

Many people i have spoken too enjoy listening to music but forget to listen to music when they feel certain emotions. Music always uplifts and changes their moods for the better so an emoAI would benifit a large populas in this regard.

If we can be the first to achieve this functionality we would be standing shoulder to shoulder to the giants.


I’d be for an emotional assistant. As someone with chronic PTSD.