Easy SDK for AI Futurist



SDK for AI enthusiasts/Futurist (other than developers) who can add SingularityNET API to their own codes. This SDK should be primarily dealing with deploying user’s code on SingularityNET platform.


I like the idea of being able to wrap just about any code in the SNet API for agents to use and interact with.

Honestly, SingularityNET could become GITHUB 2.


This may speed-up the AI integration also as we have many small AI jobs like barcode scanning etc. which could be launched by anyone with this app


Yep absolutely!

Even calculation equation code that is not on its own ‘Smart’ but could be integrated into a service by multiple agents.


Sure. As an add-on feature, the SDK may offer ready-to-use APIs for some of the most common computer-vision use cases, text recognition, face detection.

Thus, it can serve as ML kit also by just making certain machine learning features an API call. This could turn not so ‘Smart’ application into an AI agent.