Eager to invest in AGIX, but I’m not sure if that’s even possible

Hi everyone,

I think that singularityNet is going to bring AI to all. Who new that was possible?

Anyway, I wanted to invest in the company, but I’m not sure whether AGIX/BTC is SingularityNet coins or actual shares in the company.

I posted this topic to kindly look for an answer on the matter: can I buy shares? Or I’m stuck to buying coins?

Thanks in advance! :heart:

SingularityNET Foundation (formally Stichting Singularitynet) is a Dutch nonprofit organization. There are articles of organization that specify the basic structure including a Governing Board, Executive Board and Supervisory Council. Note that a nonprofit corporation can earn revenue from its activities, but it doesn’t have shareholders who get a portion of this revenue, the revenue stays with the organization to help it with its mission. Whether the value of any token that the Foundation issues is designed to increase or decrease in exchange value or whatever, is independent of the nonprofit status of the Foundation. The point is if the token does increase in economic value and the Foundation owns some of the tokens, none of the economic value from this increase becomes profit paid to any owners or shareholders. Also token holders are not shareholders and have no formal relationship to the Foundation, AGIX is not an equity token ofc, it’s a utility token intended centrally for securing AI services on the platform, and also for incentivizing development of AI services and (down the road) accurate ratings on the platform etc.

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Marco my friend, thank you for the outstanding and most comprehensive answer. You really cleared things up. I suspected that it was a utility token, but never thought SingularityNET was established as a nonprofit. It gives you an idea of how free this blockchain is to grow and evolve. I might ask, how are AGIX token coins generated. I want to ask so I understand how it would appreciate with time. I’m thinking that the more people use the token, the more valuable it becomes. But that also means that AI services used via sNET would increase in cost. I understand that AI creators might adjust their prices (assuming they can) to maintain demand. But is there something else offsetting the shortage of AGIX in the market? Thanks again for your valuable insight

Edit: and thank for answering so quickly, I thought I’d be stuck for days, waiting for an answer.

Hey Fares, thanks for your questions, and thanks Marco for the answer.
You’re right, service providers can adjust their prices.
Agix tokens are not generated/minted like bitcoin or ethereum. The full 1B supply got minted back in dec 2017. That said, about a year ago we had a community approved vote on the Phase Two proposal, this included minting an additional 1B tokens. These will get unlocked according to the schedule specified in the proposal.
You can read more about that here:

Let me know if that answers your questions!