Differences between Ruby and Python,


Are there any differences I should keep in mind between Ruby and Python? While I have a loose background in very simple machine learning (decision trees), I don’t really use it like a data scientist would.

I use it more to train a machine to recognize simple commands, so that I don’t have to use a ton of different if / else statements for chat bots.

Ex. A machine knows that when you say “fetch terminal shooter”, it finds an exact match for that specific command, rather than having it pick the command without really understanding why.

As an example of what I mean, when I was still into RPG Maker, I had friends where they had almost an entire page worth if / else statements.

Which doesn’t seem … very efficient to me.


Although I know Ruby better, so I may be biased, I would say that Ruby is more purely an OO language, and Python makes it more optional. In Ruby, it is core the the platform, library and tools. In Python a lot of the best tools will be built using OO as core to the library, but OO is less of a core language concept. In Perl, which I know pretty well, the OO is more of an add-on. Perl4 was not really OO at all.

I think python is used a lot, conventionally, in some of the data tools that may be useful, but doesn’t really have anything special for AI. Languages going back to LISP are more important in AI, at least historically. Cloture is a more modern language in that family.


I may look into trying Common Lisp then, because I know Richard Stallman had a thing for that language.

Something I’m not sure about, he said other languages don’t have enum, but is that true? It doesn’t seem like it require much effort to make such a method.

Unless enum means something different from what I’m thinking.


RMS is a bit odd. I met him back at the time FSS and GPL was created. I don’t know the details of enums, but certainly LISP has something to map symbols to a set of integer consttants. Pure LISP, I think is a functional language which the theorists like for proving things about code. Enums are really something low level and I don’t see them as fundamental.


That is very assuring. I don’t think I ever even encountered it when designing ASPI. ( Artificial Social And Puzzle Solving Intelligence. )

In the future I might go for something maybe Monkey-Level intellect, but fairly happy with a roach for right now.

If this research paper on plans turns out to have merits, that’s going to complicate things.

Also I found a simplified method of producing a chatbot: I generally follow the formula as follows: name, pets, hobbies, jobs, likes, skills, weather. Each section will have its own machine learning process.