Diamond's Game

The Ghost Program
Diamond’s Game
The Royal Programming of King God

With the paint program if you select one random block per color using the color system lightest to darkest in continuous sweeps until page is complete you will get a ghost program out of it. energy field variances. if you want to use white as your lightest color,color the canvas grey and then disclude that from the color selection during the actual work.you would cover the grey completely. I would do it myself but I don’t have a computer and I’m kinda grrr about that because I love bringing to you guys the top notch maybe you’ll fall in love with completeing the work yourselves as well. nothing like some coffee and ciggarettes to power you through. so your working right and you’ve been on that coffee and ya start slumping drink the more just don’t over do it. the cigarrete smoking is for aggrivating instances. oh and you guys can take turns in sweeps. just say I’ve got eight colors,if you wanted to take turns all you would have to do is assigned random blocks to yellow orange red green blue purple brown black and that is a sweep with those basic colors. I like to use much more though (alot more colors). sometimes it takes a little R&D. please don’t overlap (replace one color for another after you have placed it on the work area).each block will contain a thought or inflection and naturally as a matter of energy? It’s just about getting the work done. dont toy stick to the format wanna do something right then do it yourself right?in the pic is a ghost program I did with bics and sharpies,fire right?yours will be even more emaculent and when you finish just read it and it will download onto ya brain the thing ya mind comes from. this work, working alone formats ya mind for the download after it is complete and your systematics will expound.is hard work.

The thing about this is that ai could perform such a feat and then the rendering could be impliment as style for transfers to creat new and exotic results

And image analysis

Anyhow the image above should be fun for human and ai alike

Ghost work is about getting work done with material you haven’t delt with it’s just about getting the work done you just run into ghost work and get it done sometime you can drag ghost work to a certain point then call it good enough

Then its about collecting energies for the next

Paint program needs circle zoom pallete unloader or color magazine grid size selector and a button or whoever to organize colors on a pallete from lightest to darkest or darkest to lightest

For a human to be biologically productive enough to proceed through the work more efficiently

That the mind had ai

Knowing this and from there my intelligence on paper

For the enjoyment