Data analytics for smart watch data

Wearable devices are getting more popular every year.
It would be nice if users of popular devices like the Apple Watch, Garmin watches, Oura rings could upload their data and get back analyses of the data periodically.

The system could report back patterns in stress responses, or patterns in sleep disruption etc. The user could then compare this with memory or with their schedule to see if they can find a correspondence. Even better would be the possibility of integrating the calendar. The system might report: “I noticed that every time a meeting with this person occurs there is a reduction in deep sleep for the next two nights” etc.

The more data the user integrates the more actionable results he or she gets back. I could easily imagine food sensitivies being detected. Another ai service could be integrated that detects what foods are present in a picture, so the user can simply take a picture of the food he is about to eat and the system knows which ingredients are present. That way subtle corrrelations between particular ingredients and biomarkers might be detected.

Some data streams to add support for: smartphone use, food data, sleep data, heartrate data, continuous glucose monitor data. I’m sure there are many more but even with these alone i believe there would be plenty actionable results.

There should be the possibiltiy for users to anonymously make data available for resarch purposes. The more people join and the longer they stay, the subtle the correlations that will be detected by the system.