"Certified" badge


In text of badge “Certified” I see the text “Completed our new user tutorial” but don’t see the link to this tutorial though some badges have links in their text.


Where is this tutorial?


Aah… it is in the DMs :slight_smile:. It refers to the tutorial provided by Sophia… try bookmarking her DM as she asked :smiley: @Zolgo @Rustam.

Could you please let me know if you got this badge after reading her DM but NOT completing the tutorial, or did you get it AFTER completing her tutorial? :blush:

I can adjust the text and let you know when it is done to make it more clear.


Gotcha! So I’m not sure if it’s done yet? Got to stage of displaying the help menu (after the tagging instruction), but did not see a new badge/see anything saying it was complete?


Hmm you’re not done yet in that case @Zolgo. You should get a sort of “certificate” in the end. Seems like this tutorial needs some improvement! I will evaluate where the most bumps occur as I see not a lot of people have followed this tutorial yet and try to propose some improvement.

Perhaps for now we could change the badge to a “You met Sophia” :thinking:… and we can start a new topic for the tutorial project and reevaluate after more people have followed it.

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