But What Is A Bot?


Bots everywhere,
in business magazines :robot: , computer magazines
even on TV bots. Even Botnets ?!? :thinking:

There will be different services in the future.
Hotlines for insurance companies:robot: and pizza delivery services :robot: as well as personal assistants in everyday life and even work in social networks?

But what exactly is a bot? :face_with_monocle: What is behind it? Where can I get one from for which purpose?
What should I know about it as a normal consumer? What as a businessman? I would like to deal with this in simple language from scratch.
And find out more about that Topic.


Hi Eddy. Did you see this video? What is a Bot? Pretty simple explanation but as I understand you search exactly something clear enough. I will try to answer your question myself in the nearest time in more detailed way due to my understanding.