Just signed up to this new way to connect with the Singularitynet circle, I see it’s beta.

First impression is there’s problems with the flow. Couple minutes in and it seems nothing is welcoming or fluid like. I’m using the iPhone X, maybe that’s the problem, if it is it certainly shouldn’t be. I would think if you’re creating this platform as a means of easy communication you’d definitely want to make it compatible with an iPhone.

First bug, every time you press on anything you’re directed to the top of the initial page rather than taken straight to what you selected. So you then have to scroll down to see if what you selected was brought up. Next it asks you to introduce yourself yet gives you no obvious was of doing that. Then selecting in and out of the topics is super choppy. There’s more, basically you need to have someone use this forum from scratch with an iPhone then fix the kinks.

You have the greatest minds at your disposal you can do better than this! Make it easy and fluid like…