Bom dia!


Hi guys,
I´m very enthusiastic about this field. Hopping learn a lot!


Welcome, Alexandre! We love enthusiasm here—can never get enough of that!


great to have you @alexandre. any specific areas you’re excited about? How can the SNET team and community be of assistance in your learning?


I know that it is a difficult field, but beiing here I hope to start understanding a lite bit more about AI and how you guys are gonna use blockchain to lauch this huge project.

At the same time in this foro maybe will be less FUD than social media, so it will be possible to track the achievements and the failures too without beeing influenced.


I also understand that at first it may perhaps seem a little bit daunting to get into AI when you are new to it, but I encourage you to participate and learn. Ask questions, research, share knowledge back to others. I want people to feel empowered on this forum to help shape the future with us, and that includes people that are also new to this field. For example, maybe you will find it interesting to look into how artificial intelligence may impact and change #society. Ask questions in that category, contribute to ideas, maybe link a good link. All the little bits help as it is essential that a larger base of people is created that support a road to benevolent AI and help spread knowledge about this. It relates to your own future and that of others after all :blush:.