As a brief overview, BIANCA will be an embodied subset of what I envision as ASPI, or artificial social and puzzle solving intelligence. Currently BIANCA is limited to extremely simple ciphers, with the exception of the “mixed alphabetic reciprocal”.

Current difficulties: figuring out how to fix the automatically added newline. Also weighing whether it’s worth switching to Python, as the body I want to use involves programming an InMoov (so I can learn how robot bodies work).

Mostly trying to figure the current limits of my ability, so I know what specifically to ask for help on. And the code breaking may immediately only by limited to the software side, as the “manual cryptography” I’m wanting to go for may involve so many servo motors and muscle wire it may end up impractical.

Developed a simple framework of chatbot interaction: PHJLS. Or pets, hobbies, jobs, likes, and skills. I might eventually expand more in depth on each individual topic.

I’d eventually also like to build a robot that can “grow up” both physically and mentally. That is their body designed to account for the various physical changes that happen as one develops into an adult. But I may be counting my chickens before they hatch on this one.

Previously I had worked on games like Nihilist (a roguelike) and Terminal Shooter, that’s akin to a tactical space shooter in the terminal.

I also have a blog for the BIANCA project, although I may defer to the staff here to see what is OK to link and what is not.

I was initially unsure whether to mention the project, but I know others have more out there things they want to do, so building a “Puzzle Solver Angel” isn’t to terribly out there I hope.

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I’m presently changing my approach, you can find a rewrite of my concept here:

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Update: Created a loose prototype of a way to get approximate human-level artificial intelligence.

Here I extended some of the functionality as above, categorized in the following classes: experiences, actions, and reactions.

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