Ben on Joe Rogan 12-5-18



What did you think of the show?


I enjoyed watching it so much! Can’t wait for the follow up episode next year :smiley:


:smile: I enjoyed watching very much. Learned a lot!


Awesome podcast! It was nice for Ben to mention crypto, AGI Tokens and the Tron blockchain also.


Didn’t get to see it live, but plan to go watch on Joe’s channel. glad to see all the reviews here, thanks everyone!


Very Cool!

Interesting that Tron got mentioned.
Any chance SingularityNet could be bridged between a few chains, Etherium, Tron, EOS.


One of the things I took away from it was what got said about the culture difference between the West and the Old world, Americans see robotics and AI together as a threat vs other societies seeing it in the light of fun and being helpful alongside humanity. This is good to talk about, not just technological or philosophical ideas but things that affect everyone and all can relate to. Good stuff.