Average Joe here


I guess without a programing background I’m going to test the user friendlyness of this platform. I can’t wait!.
Hopefully I can do this full time or die tryin!


Hi @Manfred! Welcome to the forum! Your feedback is very welcome here. People with all backgrounds and expertise are welcome here so I am sure you will enjoy yourself and perhaps learn a lot. Maybe you like to discuss how governance, society and economy should be organized in the Decentralized AI Economy category or maybe you would like to talk some philosophy in our futuristic singularitarian category. Definitely do engage in discussion, even if you are not a developer. The AI future is a future for us all!


Hi Manfred,

where are you from?


Australia! Yes I know my name is that of a German grandfather


Then you are probably lucky that his name wasn’t Friedrich, Klaus-Dieter or Riegobert or something like that ^___^
Did you had the chance to visit Germany?


Hey @Manfred. Like you said, our goal is to make sure that experts and non-experts alike can contribute to SNET and the future of AI. This forum is the first step of many in making that a reality. If you run into any problems or have suggestions, please let us know!


Funny enough those are names already in the family. U can call me Hans if u want.
Sadly iv only passed through Germany.


And like wise, if I can find something I can do that can help you/team or platform, I will put it forward.
I’m sure u don’t need a coal miner right now but who knows.


You are a coal miner? My great-grandfather worked as a coal miner, too. But there aren’t many left now in Germany. Although there are still areas where you can see their influece. For example there are places where they orderly planted trees some 100 years ago that act as pillars and sun protection for their celebrations like huge natural tents.