Analysis: Why SingularityNET will be the most valuable company ever


SingularityNET is the most important project in the world and here’s why.

SingularityNET is combining the two largest mega trends that will revolutionise the planet: Blockchain and Artificial intelligence. Money is used by businesses to purchase human labour and is normally the single largest operational cost for many companies. SingularityNET will become the labour marketplace of the future but instead of companies employing human intelligence labour they will be using artificial intelligence labour. This creates a economy for robots and artificial intelligence to create and exchange value with each other. SingularityNET is currently pioneering the next generation of artificial intelligence by building, AGI (artificial general intelligence). This will create a supercomputer that can simultaneously analyse, link and output all the worlds data together.

In the future when ai can do many of todays jobs that are currently done by people, many people will start working less hours because of the abundance of resources. A new source of income could come from people selling their data securely through the blockchain to ai running on SingularityNET. Instead of Facebook or Google monetising your data, you will get paid directly without having to worry about any privacy issues because of blockchain technology. Imagine this, AGI in the future that could find out the causes and cures for diseases by analysing all the data on every human in the world from their genetic makeup, food purchased, exercise, sleep, water and air pollution levels and everything else together. This will start learning and helping everyone on the planet while at the same time paying you for your data! How crazy of an idea is that, being paid just for being human. The company is already working on cures for ageing and regenerative medicine. This will all be possible when ai’s can communicate with each other through the SingularityNET protocol platform.

The CEO of Google said that AI will be a more significant invention than fire. Some people say that AGI will be the last invention humans make. Just like the internet is a protocol, SingularityNET will be the protocol for ai. This means that apps and businesses will be built on top of this platform to create services for people. SingularityNET is a direct competitor to the monopolies of Facebook, Google, etc because people can build personalised apps on top of SingularityNET such as a search engine or a friend list safely and securely, increasing privacy and without having to give their personal data for free. The great thing about SingularityNET’s decentralisation is what Elon Musk says. He commented that the only way for Artificial General Intelligence to work and not turn the world into a dystopia is if it’s decentralised. Centralisation of power is prone to corruption. We won’t have to worry about a few major companies owning all the worlds data because we will all be able to access it, encrypted and on demand through SingularityNET.

Adobe estimate that the ai market will be worth $3.9 trillion by 2022. If SingularityNET achieves a 10% gain of the ai market that means the tokens would be valued at least $390 Billion. Current valuation of SingularityNET is around $23 million. That means it could go up at least 17,000X from current prices. Of course this is a low estimate as no other company is currently creating a decentralised ai marketplace with the goal of creating AGI. If the majority of the worlds AI demand is passed through SingularityNET you can imagine how much each token will be worth. Many popular exchanges such as Bitfinex and Binance, some of the largest exchanges have listed the SingularityNET token (AGI). On top of that, SingularityNET are building a Fiat gateway to offer people an easier way to purchase tokens from exchanges.

The CEO, Ben Goertzel has been working in AI and AGI for over 30 years and is one of the most prestigious people in the industry. He has written several books on artificial general intelligence. The team has been developing the foundation of the platform for over 20 years through OpenCog and other projects. All the code and resources from these projects will be implemented in SingularityNET.

SingularityNET has secured several partnerships including the Singapore Government through SG Innovate and has past clients like the US department of defence, DARPA, Intel, Huawei, Lockheed Martin and many more. The team consistently attend many AI and blockchain conferences and have even attended The World Economic Forum in Davos which is the “largest conference committed to improving the state of the world.” SingularityNET have a close partnership with Hanson Robotics, the markers of Sophia the Robot which is the most expressive robot in the world. Once the platform launches, Sophia will be implemented onto the SingularityNET platform to learn and acquire new skills at an exponential rate as well as communicate with other robots, information and internet of things devices.

In the future SingularityNET will be able to automatically re write it’s own code to optimise performance and much more. Of course with the consultation of machine ethics experts to make sure that this AI doesn’t take over the world like many critics are afraid of. Goertzel said. “If you want to have a system in which general intelligence can emerge, you want it to be—at the highest level—more self-organizing, growing and adaptive, like a biological system. You want something in which all sorts of different AIs can be placed, and they can interact with each other liberally, and where the mechanisms for their interactions themselves can be improved and changed and proposed by the participants of the system.”

Overall SingularityNET has a big vision and some of the greatest minds in the world working to create this platform. The company has a significant first mover advantage as well as a large and extremely experienced 60+ person team. Remember, technology increases exponentially and it feels like we’re about to see major changes that seemed impossible a few years ago.