AMA Questions

Welcome to the SingularityNET Supervisory Council AMA!

This is your opportunity to ask our Supervisory Council candidates any questions you may have concerning the election and why they think they would be the best candidates to sit on the council.

The AMA will take place starting on Thursday the 6th of June and will last right up until Election day on Wednesday the 12th of June. During this time you will have the opportunity to ask any questions to the candidates by simply leaving them as replies on this topic!

The candidates will then have a chance to answer these questions as replies on their own profile topic, inside the Candidates category. A link under your question will also appear if your question is answered by one of the candidates.

Do check their replies often but also please respect that our candidates may not be in a position to reply to all questions in a specific timeframe.

Note: - Please do not use this to discuss the topics asked here, this thread is only for asking specific questions of the Council Candidates.


I will start this ball rolling by asking each of the candidates, When do they think the technological Singularity will occur and how can we ensure it is a positive one?


Hey candidates,
how do you propose we gap the time between now (the beta of the platform has just been released) and the goal of the project - the development of a benevolent AGI?
I am not looking for a perfect roadmap but creative ideas that could be intermediate steps to reach the goal.


Hey candidates!
Question: What is the #1 initiative you want to push forward in case you are elected a council member?


What do you plan to do when the value of the AGI token price goes up from the increase in utility. Do you ever plan on “cashing out”? What do you think the potential risk that it might bring, if any? How will you mitigate that risk of occurring?


Since developers are an impotent part of building a society of minds of AIs, what are the things that you can do to increase the amount developers on the platform globally?


What ideas did each of you have for increasing the utility of the AGI token?

What actions can you take within your own organizations/roles to encourage enterprise and/or developer adoption of the SingularityNet protocol?

How long have you been following SingularityNet and what drew you to it in the first place?


Do you see any immediate changes you would like to make to the project that you would focus on initially if elected?

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In case there is adoption of the platform by a big tech corp, what do you suggest to be done to prevent them from inevitably turning SingularityNET into their own oligopoly?

Sooner than later. Make sure it seats on a strong ethical foundation

The answer is in humans in general and in drawing lessons from history in specific. There is nothing new under the sun.

Strong ethical framework

To all candidates: what are your views on tokenomics ? What are the tokenomics related ideas you would want to promote on the network ?

I will list few questions i hope i can hear answers
1/How to make algorithms taking decisions trustworthy?
2/what is the level of accountability for action taken by algorithms?
3/ How the organization using AI solution could care about the value, norm, ethical principle, and code conduct?
4/How could reduce social bias for algorithms to keep fairness?

If elected, how do you plan to make the council effective? Isn’t there a danger of being flooded by minutiae, while not being able to concentrate on the bigger goal of evolving the foundation’s governance more automated, smarter, and decentralized?

(Yes, this AMA question is from one of the candidates. But, hey, why not? :slight_smile:
I will wait for other candidates to give their answers for a day or two, and then provide my own point of view.
(BTW: I’m at CogX in London on June 9-12 if any of you is around.
(No, this is not Lisp.)))

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