"AGI token Note"

This note is confusing to me:

Note: While we are aware that the AGI token is currently being traded on some exchanges, we do not encourage or facilitate this exchange trading in any manner. Speculative secondary trading is against the spirit of the AGI token and SingularityNET project. We strongly discourage speculative secondary trading and officially ask AGI token holders to act accordingly.

although im focusing my energy toward investing with quality development, Im also interested in investing money. When, and how would I do this appropriately?


Same to me. As a supporter of singularitynet I bought also some tokens. Should I not have done that?

They discourage speculative buying, so as to avoid what usually happens to crypto.

It’s fine if you buy tokens and invest in them, they are mentioning they highly don’t recommend it since it is very risky.

Market forces will drive it, but buy when you are sure the singnet works, now it doesn’t. It’s just beta.

this is highlight to the SEC and other regulators that the foundation is not pushing the token speculatively to non acceditied investers.
The words are selected appropiatly and do not say you cant buy and sell, the act of doing so is important to a thriving community project

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If you believe in SingularityNET, don’t sell any of your tokens, buy more in every dip. Once the staking begins you can earn interest. See it as an investment for years or even a decade. I believe you will not regret it.

The way I see it, SNET will be what Linux is today in the world of operating systems. Partly open source and driven by a huge community. Thats where the power will be of SingularityNET, “the community”. Don’t take my word for it, read Exponential Organisation written by Salim Ismail. A few milestones in the future, this thing will take of like a rocket.

Again, don’t take my word for it, I’m just an early investor, strong believer and a general nobody. :slight_smile:

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