AGI - from ETH to ADA, need I do anything?

I bought AGI at the IPO. I understand there’s now a conversion(?) from it being based on ETH to ADA. Need I do anything for this?

What happens to AGI that people just leave as they are?

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I am also curious about this.

All of my AGI is staked.

I hope I can transition to AGI-ADA staking easily.

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Hi Mat,

So AGI / ADA (likely not the name we’ll stick with) will be interchangeable with AGI on ETH and both will be usable on our platform. Once we start to release the new tokens eta 2nd quarter this year we’ll communicate more about how token holders can use them.

In essence, they will be interchangeable at a ratio of 1:1, the method for this will be explained closer the time.

Hope this helps?

all the best,


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