The Future of Work To kick off we will be discussing the theme of ‘The Future of Work’ which is a topic at the heart of the socioeconomic and political concerns surrounding AI and automation. The Future of Governance <big>T</big>echnological, economic and social forces seem poised to thrust both greater freedom and greater responsibility on people’s shoulders. The Future of Politics <big>O</big>ver time, AI will spawn massive changes in the public sector, transforming how government employees get work done. It’s likely to eliminate some jobs, lead to the redesign of countless others, and create entirely new professions. The Future of Education <big>A</big>s technology is rapidly changing the world around us and in the near future, technology might take over a lot of tasks and abilities that we have been teaching our students for decades.
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What do you think the future of governance will look like in 10 years? [The Future of Governance] (2)
What public services do you think could be better governed autonomously? [The Future of Governance] (3)
How can we protect our voting systems from AI bots and fake news? [The Future of Politics] (5)
How would you feel if your next president was an AI? [The Future of Politics] (12)
What is the Future of Politics? [The Future of Politics] (14)
How can we streamline the legislative process to keep up with the pace of technological change in society? ( 2 ) [The Future of Politics] (22)
What level of AI autonomy should we take advantage of in our governance systems? [The Future of Governance] (2)
How can cognitive technologies make our government more effective? [The Future of Politics] (14)
#AGICHAT 1: How can we use robots in order to better our work environments? ( 2 ) [The Future of Work] (21)
#AGICHAT 6: Why do humans need work? [The Future of Work] (14)
Could decentralized autonomous organisations be the solution to the world's environmental problems? [The Future of Governance] (1)
Which steps do we need to walk through to go from decentralized organisations to decentralized autonomous organisations? [The Future of Governance] (1)
Will automation of management decisions be the solution to ever-increasing data complexity? [The Future of Governance] (1)
Should our political systems move towards being a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO)? [The Future of Politics] (5)
#AGICHAT 11: What is the purpose of education? [The Future of Education] (4)
#AGICHAT 17: How can we use virtual and augmented reality in education? [The Future of Education] (6)
#AGICHAT 13: What studies do you think will become obsolete and why? [The Future of Education] (4)
#AGICHAT 18: What should be the role of Artificial Intelligence In the classroom? [The Future of Education] (2)
#AGICHAT 20: What will be the future of education? [The Future of Education] (13)
#AGICHAT 19: Is coding a critical literacy and should it be in the core curriculum alongside reading, writing and arithmetic? [The Future of Education] (4)
#AGICHAT 16: First, it was the blackboard and chalk, then the whiteboard and a marker, what will be next? [The Future of Education] (3)
#AGICHAT 14: What skills do you think we should be teaching pupils today? [The Future of Education] (10)
#AGICHAT 15: How do we prepare young people for jobs that don’t exist yet? [The Future of Education] (3)
#AGICHAT 12: What will ‘learning’ mean in the future? [The Future of Education] (2)
#AGICHAT 9: What should governments do to help those that lose their jobs to automation? [The Future of Work] (2)
#AGICHAT 10: What will be the future of work? [The Future of Work] (2)
#AGICHAT 7: How can we help design roles and organisations that make the most of people? [The Future of Work] (9)
#AGICHAT 8: What do you think will be the socio-political impact of companies with remote employees operating across global borders? [The Future of Work] (2)
#AGICHAT 4: Do you think AI could ever create meaningful Art? [The Future of Work] (8)